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Top 5 Modern Dating Tips for Older Men

Nowadays dating is more complicated than it used to be, and you can not use the old tricks to date ladies even though you did get girls by those tricks before. Today I’m gonna recommend these top 5 useful modern dating tips for you guys. Oh, by the way, they’re not from my experience, but the idea of Mr. Alex Outlaw, who is the marketing director of the The Idle Man.

OK, here are the tips. I hope these rules are gonna help you get a smooth, joyful date.

1. Scrutinize your internet presence
These days, your dates are most likely going to investigate you via a search engine, so be careful about what you share online. Think about the image your social media presence creates, and tailor it accordingly. For example, you want your dates seeing pictures of you in sexy menswear, not lying in a gutter with kebab sauce on your t-shirt after a night out. If there’s anything out there that you can’t remove, you should also be prepared to be able to explain it to potential love interests.

2. Be flexible about who pays
Once upon a time, men had to pay for the dinner or the date was considered a failure. However, feelings about payment vary from woman to woman, so you need to be sensitive to this fact. If she offers to pay, say that you would also be happy to pay or to split the bill. Usually, simply discussing payment can lead to an acceptable compromise that doesn’t offend your date. In general, gender roles are more negotiable than ever, and the issue of payment is just one area in which this change is apparent.

3. Time your follow-up carefully
It’s fine to contact someone after a good date, especially if you felt like there was strong chemistry. However, if you are too quick about getting in touch then you might seem too eager or pushy. Sometime within one to three days is probably the safest window, though leaving it too long sends a message that you’re not that interested. In addition, we all lead busier lives these days, so if a woman doesn’t hear from you for over 48 hours then she might simply start to forget you instead of yearning from you. This point is especially relevant if she’s waiting to hear about plans for a date, when a failure to respond instigates disrespect of the value of her time.

4. Classic communication is charming
Since most of our communication is now done via more impersonal means (such as text messages and online instant messaging), phone calls can make you stand out amongst other potential suitors. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing how to contact someone you’re dating.

5. Talk about exclusivity
Finally, less conventional relationship styles are on the rise, so don’t just assume that your date isn’t seeing other people. If you want an exclusive relationship, make that clear, and if you’d like something less exclusive then be aware that it is now more socially acceptable to make this known.

After reading all these dating tips, I guess you may want to put them in practical and find out whether they works or not, right? So go find these beautiful Asian singles and use your new-learned tricks on them to see how it goes.