Asian wife
Asian wife

It is great information for those who are dating Asian girls, which help you know more about Asian women.
When facing relationship and marriage, men and women take different attitudes. If he and she reach some kind of agreement, then stable relationship or marriage happens. In fact, during the dating period, their emotions and love to each other are quite different, interesting and changing.

Men’s Attitude To Love And Asian Marriage

Generally speaking, men adopt subtraction in love relationship. Compared to women, men are much easier to fall in love with someone. At the first beginning of a relationship, or much earlier in the dating period, men seem to have no strict standards on his girlfriend and give her the highest score. But when they move on the stable stage of a relationship, men gradually find out her shortcomings and faults and begin to subtract his strong love emotion to her. He does not call or text her so often as he used to when chasing and dating her. He would like to play video games alone rather than go out with you for a dinner or to see a film. And surprise and sweet romantic moments are getting less. When all these happen, girlfriends and wives show no understanding to it. They doubt that he is no longer in love with her. Well, in fact, it is quite normal, because he’s doing subtraction. He still loves you but not that much.
From another angle, this men’s subtraction partly leads to his extramarital relationship with other women. Wife just gives her a stable and comfortable family life, but can not arouse his original interest and passion to love, while other women outside his house easily wake up his manliness and romance.

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