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What to Say to Get A Woman Fall in Love with You?

Laughter is a great way to bringing down barriers between two people. It shows that two people are making progress towards developing a friendly interpersonal relationship. When you can make a woman laugh at something you say, it indicates that she feels comfortable around you and is ready to open up emotionally to what you have to say. Therefore, a good way to get on a good start with women is to work on your sense of humor and think of saying the appropriate thing at the appropriate time to make her laugh. Don’t worry, women are not aliens. They have emotions too. However, they may not share the same sense of humor your pals down at the bar. You may need to really watch where you put your foot when trying to open up the relationship.

What Not to Say
Before considering what you could say to make a woman laugh, it is important to identify things that are a big no-no when it comes to humor when you are trying to establish a relationship. Three things that you should never joke around on: politics and religion, sex, physical appearance. Politics and religion are very personal objects and in many cases you might not be able to tell where someone’s inclination may lie just from casual conversation. Avoid making jokes about political leaders or religious beliefs and practices that you might regret later on. Keep the bawdy jokes for the guys and don’t try them out on your new date. In some cases, sexual innuendos may be fine, but there is always the risk of coming across as crass if you don’t do it subtly. Play it safe and stay away from explicitly sexual jokes. Finally, it is not a good idea to make someone feel comfortable about their appearance by joking about it. Give some credit to people for being able to communicate with you for what you stand for. It is even wrong to crack jibes about your own appearance even if you mean to do it in a humorous self-deprecating manner. Find some other way to show you are a modest, humble soul and spare others the trouble of finding something nice to say about you to neutralize the whole situation.

Don’t Underestimate Praise
Now we come to what things to say to make women laugh. The idea is not to make women laugh by pointing out to some anomaly or latent defect. Instead, you should try to find humor that is incidental or that seems out of the ordinary and cannot be helped or avoided. It is a good idea to compliment a woman’s beauty by saying something flattering that is also humorous. For instance, when you introduce yourself to a woman you find beautiful, you could say something like, “After seeing you, I would like to buy an island and name it after you, the Goddess of Beauty.” The idea is to say something that is witty and has a deeper meaning so that the person you speak to takes some time to process its meaning. This way, you get more time to plan the future conversation and adjust your response.

Demonstrate Your Wit and Optimism
If you are attending a tediously dry speech or function and you realize the woman sitting next to you is equally bored, you could say something like, “If you can pay so much attention to this speech, I have a few words to speak to you.” It is not simply enough to show that you are a witty and humorous person. You should also communicate the fact that you are personally interested in having a conversation with her and want to know her more. Otherwise, you are likely to be treated as an acquaintance or just another friendly guy.

Self-Deprecation Works
Self-deprecating humor is good when you make a mistake while speaking, such as forgetting a word or mispronouncing it. You could say something along the lines of, “I guess my mind is just too distracted by you.” Do not make too many references to her beauty or charm. It is true that women appreciate flattery and like to be courted. But if you sound too desperate she is going to be turned off. dont ask dont tell . So you’re your humor balanced between the two extremes and you will be fine.

Backup Plans
Humor is a tricky thing and at times it could backfire. You do not have to come down too hard on yourself. Yes, the woman you are with will feel awkward for a while, but remember she is as involved in the conversation as you and will try to get it back on a comfortable track. On your part, you can use humor to defuse the situation and cooperate in her effort. Saying something like, “Isn’t that going to be a memorable last date?”
Finding things to say that make women laugh is largely a matter of understanding what women expect and how the deal with new experiences. It is also important to come across as a natural person and not adopt a forced persona. You don’t have to be Jerry Seinfeld or Jay Leno to get the women you want. Just use your own perspective to find humor in mundane, ordinary things and bring a fresh spin to it.


Asian girl

Asian Women: Online Dating Offers More Love Chances

Asian girls
It is absolutely true that when online dating sites first started they were populated entirely by perverts, sexual predators, weirdoes, social misfits and emotional wrecks but that is no longer true. Online dating has gone mainstream and has lost all the social stigma it once suffered. Single Asian ladies of all ages, races, religions do it. Short people, tall people, thin people, obese people do it. People from every developed country in the world do it. Gorgeous Thai girls do it, too.
The reasons people join online dating sites are as varied as the people who join but mostly they join for three very good reasons: (1) Time (2) Money and (3) It works.

Time: You can go through hundreds of online profiles and look at hundreds of pictures in the same length of time only one real world date takes and the screening is already done for you. You can tell right away if a guy is only looking for casual relationships or long term commitments. How many times have you worked 8 hours, gone home and spent another hour getting ready to go out then gone to the local hang-out for singles only to see the same old jerks, losers and drunks that are always there?

Money: For the price of one evening out on the town you can enjoy an entire month of meeting men from the safety of your own home do it in your jammies or sweats and with a beauty facial working its magic.

It works. It really does work if you are willing to do the right things. Write a profile that grabs attention, post recent pictures of yourself, be fun and interesting while chatting with the men you meet on line, answering emails promptly and being on time for a pre-arranged online meeting.

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Enjoying A Happy Life With Your Foreign Wife

Now many man found the love of their life through online dating, then the number of foreign women who married men overseas is tremendously increasing. For these foreign wife, their lives had totally changed when they were brought by their husbands in a foreign country. Their experiences may vary and it could be positive or negative depending on the kind of men that they had met online.


Online dating

Online dating


Any man who married a foreign wife need to consider the reality. When both live together as husband and wife, there are may be lots of challenges and difficulties because the foreign wife comes from a different culture, tradition and beliefs. You should take time in knowing each other more since this is a long distance relationship prior to making a serious commitment. Marry a foreign wife, maybe you will need:


1. Consider how lonely your foreign wife in a foreign land away from her family and friends so try to provide her a computer or laptop with an internet connection and headset so that she can communicate to the people important to her whom she had left behind. Always bear in mind that she had left these people because of you so try to consider this.


2. Respect the country that she was born into, her beliefs and culture. Never try to put her down when you talk about her country and the things that she values and believes in.


3. Never ignore your foreign wife when she is talking. Sometimes it takes patience to be with her because she has difficulty in understanding your language. how to find my ip address . She may have tremendous difficulty especially if you will talk a bit faster because this is what you’re used to. Try to give her ample time to learn the language or better yet, enroll her to a language class so that she can understand more of her second language.


4. Be considerate, loving and committed in doing whatever is necessary to fix any problem within your married life. In this way, your foreign wife may not feel the tension that she is already experiencing from all of the things that she needed to adjust.


5. Support her financially without making her feel guilty that she has not contributed anything for the bills and the everyday needs for the household.  Most foreign wives had left or resigned from their jobs when they decided to marry their husbands who live abroad so give them a chance to adjust more, encourage them to prepare themselves for work and take good care of them because they see their foreign husbands as the only people who can truly understand their present situation.


6. Be true to your promise when you were still dating online that you will love her with all your heart and cater to her needs as her foreign husband.